How to Optimize Search Engine

Search engine optimization is the practice of making your site as accessible as possible to both search engines and readers. Optimizing your site will make it visible not only to Google, but to every other search engine on the Web.


“Great”, you think, “I finally get ranked for a good keyword and it’s a worthless ranking”.

If you got ranked for a keyword in Google that you wanted At All, the game’s not over yet. If your site’s content is geared towards that subject, you can get your ranking in Google's search engine increased, at no cost. How?

Find Your Google Keyword Ranking

Direct your browser to:Google Rankings.

If you’re ranked in the top 1000, you have a shot at raising your listing for that page by tweaking the page to be a little more relevant.

Go to:Search Term Difficulty Checker. This tool tells you how hard it is to rank well for certain keywords in Google. You’ll need a free Google API key to use it.

Estimate Search Traffic

Access it here:Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Without search engines, there is no traffic that you can call significant for your online success. Search engines direct a large amount of traffic to our websites and is also a most likely permanent traffic. The real task is to manage to get your website optimized setup with on-page and off-page factors to make it acceptable to the search engine spiders. Establishing your website with the search engines is a major and almost difficult endeavor.

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nice info gan..yang kaya gini nih yang saya cari buat pengoptimis blog ke search engine..thanks ya..jgn lupa jga komentar balik di blogku ya